Fly fishermen from around the world dream about a trip to Montana’s Paradise Valley to fly fish the Blue Ribbon Yellowstone River and the legendary Spring Creeks, Depuy’s, Armstrong’s and Nelson’s. Paradise Valley lies just north of Yellowstone National Park and is a centralized location for your fly fishing trip of a lifetime. Many travel here for the fly fishing only to realize that they are not only surrounded by some of the best fly fishing in the world, but they are also in one of the most beautiful places in the world as well. One of the greatest aspects of fly-fishing is that the pursuit of wild fish in wild places inevitably takes you to some very beautiful places. Montana’s Paradise Valley is definitely one of the most scenic and awe-inspiring places there is!

Simply being here in Paradise Valley is reason enough for the trip. When you add being in a drift boat with a fly rod in your hand while gently drifting down the Yellowstone River past a bald eagle on its perch you know that you are living that dream!  We do not book fishing trips here however. To book your fly fishing trip contact





A special note to those who are new to fly-fishing or who will be coming to Montana with someone who is. We love helping total beginners get started in the lifelong addiction of fly-fishing! We have years experience teaching total beginners from five years old and up how to fly-fish. We can take you from, “never held a fly rod before”, to your first fish on a fly. This is another aspect of being a guide that is truly rewarding. We will be just as excited as the one with the rod, or proud parent when their child catches their first fish. We also do a good number of float trips with a husband and wife team. Often the wife catches her first fish ever with us and that is all it takes for her to be hooked. Sometimes the wife just wants to go along for the ride and soak all the scenery and wildlife in, just be sure to bring a camera. No matter if the wife fishes or not we always welcome the company.

To quote Jimmy Buffet it is time to, “Stop wishin’ and go fishin’”.

Plan your 2010 fly-fishing trip to Montana now. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Spend a day or two or three in Paradise Valley and you will see what we mean by, “Made On The Yellowstone”! Just go to to book your trip.

Fly Fishing The Yellowstone River
Finger food for a big trout!!!
Sunset on the lower river
Spring snow on Emigrant Peak
After driving through the caddis hatch
Double rainbow after a quick spring rain
Drake ready to take his turn on the oars....
As amazing a place Paradise Valley, Montana is to simply be, most of us either live here or travel here for the trout. Click on the following links to see more pictures of the Brown Trout, the Rainbow Trout and the native Cutthroat Trout.
We do not book trips here. This site is set up to be source of information on fly fishing here in Paradise Valley. Go to  to book a trip.